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Gaeta's cuisine

Gaeta's cuisine is made up of simple and natural things, from the fish of the sea that bathes the city to the products of the earth. There are many fish-based dishes: soups, fries, skewers, roasted fish, delicious mullet, and the tasty scapece sauce, with which fried blue fish such as anchovies, sardines and mackerel are seasoned.

The recipes of the territory


The Tiella of Gaeta

A specialty that represents the synthesis of the main food resources of the city, with a popular matrix, as it was appreciated by fishermen and farmers who ate it instead of the "sandwich" stuffed with cured meats or cheeses during the midday meal.

It is composed of two thin circular layers of dough, placed one on top of the other, closed along the edges by compression. The filling is usually made up of land or sea products, or both, according to the housewife's imagination.

It should be baked in the oven in preferably copper pans. It is not easy to do, because a good tiella must be moist in the filling, and soft and not soaked in the external dough, which must be thin. It must also be well cooked in the lower sheet. Its flavor is very particular and conquers immediately and universally.

Tiella of octopuses


For the pasta:

  • 600 grams of flour,
  • fine salt,
  • 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil,
  • 2 glasses of warm water,
  • a square of bread yeast.


For the stuffing:

  • 1,200 Kg of pure octopuses (characterized by the double row of suckers on the tentacles) clean,
  • parsley,
  • garlic,
  • pitted Gaeta olives,
  • chopped tomato,
  • salt and chilli.


For the pasta:
Make a dimple with the flour in which you add fine salt, oil and the water in which the yeast has previously dissolved. Everything is kneaded until a soft and velvety dough is obtained which is divided into blocks slightly larger than a fist (two blocks per tiella are needed) which are left to grow for an hour wrapped in a tablecloth. The grown dough is rolled out with a rolling pin to obtain two discs, slightly larger in diameter than the pan, in which the filling will be placed.

For the stuffing:
The cleaned and boiled octopuses are cut into small pieces, seasoned with a lot of chopped parsley and garlic, chopped tomatoes, pitted Gaeta olives, a little salt and chilli. Everything, prepared in this way, is left in a colander so that it becomes as dry as possible. It is then transferred to a bowl and olive oil is added.

The first disc is spread out on an oiled baking tray, the filling is added, covered with the second disc by making the edges adhere, the superfluous is cut, small laces are made on the edges with the fingers and holes with the fork on the upper disc. It is sprinkled with a drizzle of oil and placed in the oven at 200 ° for about 30 minutes. It is eaten warm or cold.



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